GIAN COURSE on Photochromic Molecules and Materials for a Sustainable Future

 Prof. Debayan Sarkar, Prof. Burkhard Koenig, University of Regensburg Germany

 14 Feb 2019 to 18 Feb 2019

31st CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry (CRSI NSC-31) along with CRSI-ACS Symposium Series in Chemistry

 Prof. Rupam Dinda

 06 Jul 2023 to 08 Jul 2023

A five-day workshop on: Bio-chemical and Bio-physical Characterization of Proteins

 Prof. Rabindra Kumar Behera

 19 Oct 2022 to 23 Oct 2022

"Nuclear Science and Applications of Radioisotopes” (NSAR-2022) (12-16th April, 2022)

 Prof. Rupam Dinda

 12 Apr 2022 to 16 Apr 2022

Molecular Modeling of Materials and Biological Macromolecules

 Prof. Madhurima Jana,Dr. Snehanshu Pal

 22 Sep 2020 to 26 Sep 2020

Science Academies Lecturer Workshop on 'Functional materials and their applications'

 Prof. Rupam Dinda

 11 Jan 2019 to 12 Jan 2019

Facile synthesis and photocatalytic application of MOF and MOF derived heterostructures for activation of atmospheric molecules and environmental remediation  Synopsis Seminar

 RANJIT BARIKI ( RollNo : 518CY1017) [Student]


 Seminar Hall, Chemistry Department  [12 Jun 2023 10.30 AM]