Assessment of Spontaneous Heating Liability of Coals and Their Prevention (ASHLCP-23)

 Prof. Devidas Sahebraoji Nimaje, -

 11 Sep 2023 to 15 Sep 2023

Technological Developments, Safety and Environmental Management in Mining Department of Mining Engineering, NIT Rourkela

 Prof. Himanshu Bhushan Sahu

 07 Mar 2022 to 11 Mar 2022

Online Course on “Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System”

 Dr. Falguni Sarkar

 13 Sep 2021 to 24 Nov 2021

Rock Mechanics with Ground Control Applications

 Prof. Manoj Kumar Mishra

 17 Jan 2017 to 19 Jan 2017

Short Term Course on Mine Management, Legislation and General Safety

 Prof. Debi Prasad Tripathy

 21 Nov 2014 to 25 Nov 2014

International Conference on Sustainable & Innovative Mining Practices (ICSIMP 2023)

 Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai

 16 Nov 2023 to 18 Nov 2023

International Conference on Sustainable & Innovative Mining Practices (ICSIMP 2023)

 Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai

 16 Nov 2023 to 18 Nov 2023

Challenges in Safety and Environmental Management in Mines (CSEMM – 2022)

 Prof. Himanshu Bhushan Sahu

 17 Jun 2022 to 19 Jun 2022

International Webinar on Frontiers in Mining & Geosciences

 Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai

 07 Nov 2020 to 08 Nov 2020

Slope Stability Issues In Opencast Mining And Civil Engineering

 Prof. Singam Jayanthu

 25 Jul 2015 to 26 Jul 2015

One Week High End Workshop "Karyashala" on "Advances in Mine Geotechnics & Mine Planning"

 Dr. Ram Manohar Bishwal

 22 May 2023 to 28 May 2023

5-day workshop on Basics of Geovia SURPAC (Department of Mining Engineering, NIT Rourkela)

 Dr. Tushar Gupta, Mr. Edla Ravi Kumar, EDS Technologies

 09 Aug 2021 to 13 Aug 2021

Development of a Low-Cost Adsorbent for Removal of Excess Fluoride from Water in Mining Areas  Synopsis Seminar

 BIDYUTPRAVA BEHERA ( RollNo : 518MN1001) [Student]

 Mining Engineering

 Seminar Hall, Department of Mining Engineering  [01 Dec 2023 11.00AM]

Technical aspects of low grade ore processing in India  Departmental Seminar

 Vipin Kumar Sharma, UCIL [External Professional]

 Mining Engineering

 Seminar Room, Department of Mining Engineering  [25 Nov 2023 10:30 am]

CCBO technology for measuring the stress of the rock mass, reconnaissance of mine conditions  Departmental Seminar

 Dr. Petr Waclawik [External Academic]

 Mining Engineering

  Seminar Room (Department of Mining Engineering)  [20 Nov 2023 10am]

Development and Optimization of a Comprehensive Blast Design for the Desired Fragmentation incorporating Rock Mass Parameters and Explosive parameters  Registration Seminar

 CHANDRAKANTA BEHERA ( RollNo : 521MN6013) [Student]

 Mining Engineering

 Mining Department Seminar Hall  [16 Oct 2023 05.15 PM]


 BARUN BEDANTA SAHOO ( RollNo : 521MN1008) [Student]

 Mining Engineering

 Seminar Room, Mining Engg Dept  [25 Aug 2023 05.15 PM]