Laboratory & Facilities

Building Energy Laboratory

Thermal imaging camera, Pyranometer, infrared thermometer gun with data logger, albedometer, portable automatic weather station, sound level meter, digital noise level meter with reverberation time module, laser distance meter, digital lux meter, compact weather station, hot wire anemometer, indoor air quality monitor


Prof. Binit Kumar

Building Services Laboratory

The aim of building services laboratory is to facilitate the students to understand the technical systems incorporated in buildings which improve the quality of life for its inhabitants. Students are introduced to the key aspects of building services and infrastructure and aids in deeper understanding of principles involved behind the various building services system and their spatial implications.


Prof. Nabanita Saha

Computer Laboratory

It houses 24 nos of desktop with intel Core i7 processor supported by 8Gb RAM and 2Gb Nvidia GT710 Graphics card for drafting and basic rendering. Licensed Software like Microsoft Office, Autodesk Autocad, Sketchup are provided by Institute's Software repository. The reprography room is equipped with

  1. A4 & A3 Coloured Printers.
  2. A4 scanner
  3. A1 Designjet Plotter and A0 Designjet MFP plotter


Prof. Mohd Nauman Nizamuddin

Construction Yard

This yard provides a hands-on experience to the students. Here the students understand and perform various construction related practices as part of their academic exercises. Students work with bricks and learn about multiple masonry techniques. Brick Arches and lintels are also constructed in this yard. Students are also introduced to the reinforcement design and their construction.


Dr. Suparna Saha

Departmental Library

There are 1360 total no of books in the departmental library.
Subscriptions are available for the following relevant journals and periodicals:
Down To Earth, Ace Update, Thermal Control Business Update, Journal of Indian Institute of Architects, Architecture + Design, Cooling India, Architects and Interiors India. Architectural Digest.


Dr. Roshmi Sen

Material Museum

The material museum provides students the exposure to different kinds of building materials starting from construction materials to finishes. Various materials as well as machines are displayed in the museum to be explored by the students such as, brick, cement, steel reinforcement, bamboo, different types of flooring and wall finishes - tiles, wood products, so on and so forth. This material museum provides ‘out of the book’ experience for the students, especially the first year students.


Prof. Basudatta Sarkar

Visual Arts Laboratory

Electric Potter's Wheel (10" dia head, 1/4 HP, 6 kg clay centering load) with variable speed and both hand-knob and foot-pedal control (1 No.)
Hot wire cutter (2 nos.)
Cutting mats (16 nos.)
Aluminum tray for clay modelling (20 nos.)
DSLR Camera (Canon EOS1300D with 18-55mm and 55-250mm lens) (1 no.)


Dr. Deepanjan Saha