Sponsored Projects

Remediation of microplastics from water resources with surface modified nanozeolite Y derived from aluminosilicate industrial wastes.

 Science & Engineering Research Board(SERB)

 Jan 2023 - Jan 2026

  Prof. Sujit Sen

Improving the Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells (>1000Hrs).


 Mar 2022 - Mar 2025

  Prof. Manoj Kumar Pandey

Dr. Suverna Trivedi

Financial Assistant (1st installment) to the Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT Rourkela under FIST Program - 2020 (TPN No - 51453)


 Feb 2022 - Feb 2027


Design of soft multi-function sensor based on Electrochemical Parameters.

 Science & Engineering Research Board(SERB)

 Jun 2021 - Jun 2024

  Prof. Madhusree Kundu

Nano zerovalent Iron-Graphene oxide composite for enhanced biodegradation wastewater A novel strategy for boosting biogas production.


 Jan 2021 - Jan 2024

  Prof. Arvind Kumar

Prof. Balasubramanian P, Prof. Abanti Sahoo

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