Sponsored Projects

Automatic 3D Cephalometric Analysis 3 Telsa Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based on Artificial Intelligence.


 May 2023 - May 2026

  Dr. Bala Chakravarthy Neelapu

Prof. Kunal Pal, Prof. Sivaraman J.

Development of Drug - Eluting Titanium for Cardiovascular Maladies.

 Science & Engineering Research Board(SERB)

 Feb 2023 - Feb 2025

  Prof. A Thirugnanam

Development of a composite optical device employing an artificial intelligence algorithm for evaluating the shelf - life of raw agricultural products.


 Jan 2023 - Jan 2025

  Prof. Kunal Pal

Dr. Bala Chakravarthy Neelapu, Prof. Preetam Sarkar

Multi-functional sprayable hydrogels for prevention of post-surgical abdominal adhesions.


 Nov 2022 - Nov 2025

  Prof. Devendra Verma

Prof. Subhankar Paul

Molecular phylogeny of microbial assemblages of the seawater cooling system of a nuclear power plant.


 Jul 2022 - Jul 2025

  Prof. Angana Sarkar

Development of an injectable hemostatic device for non-compressible hemorrhage.


 Mar 2022 - Mar 2025

  Prof. Devendra Verma

Prof. Mukesh Kumar Gupta

Innovating paper microfluidic device to achieve rapid and uniform spreading of whole blood and demonstrate its applicability as a point-of-care diagnostic device.

 Science & Engineering Research Board(SERB)

 Mar 2022 - Mar 2024

  Dr. Prasoon Kumar

Multi-scale modelling of biliary transport in the antro-pyloro-duodenal segment: exploring mechanisms and treatment modalities of gastric carcinoma.

 Science & Engineering Research Board(SERB)

 Feb 2022 - Feb 2025

  Dr. Ravi Kant Avvari

Development of multi-phase microfluidic imaging flow-cytometer for biological cell characterization.

 Science & Engineering Research Board(SERB)

 Dec 2021 - Dec 2023

  Dr. Earu Banoth

Development of a force plate sensor cum kinematic sensor node for comprehensive gait profiling for early detection of locomotive syndrome.


 Mar 2021 - Mar 2024

  Prof. A Thirugnanam

Dr. Ravi Kant Avvari, Dr. Mirza Khalid Baig

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