Sponsored Projects

Optimization of post-investment cast HIPing treatment of aerospace grade Ti-6AI-4V alloy for improvement of fatigue life.

 Aeronautics R&D Board (ARDB)

 Sep 2023 - Sep 2026

  Prof. Kumud Kant Mehta

Prof. Krishna Dutta, Prof. Natraj Yedla, Dr. Amit Bhattacharjee

Development of effective technical solutions for recycling of industrial FRP wastes and end-of-life FRP components.


 Apr 2022 - Apr 2025

  Prof. Rajesh Kumar Prusty

Prof. Bankim Chandra Ray

Synthesis and characterization of graphene reinforced nanocomposites by continuous melt processing techniques.

 Science & Engineering Research Board(SERB)

 Feb 2022 - Feb 2025

  Dr. Sanjeev Das

Prof. Archana Mallik

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