Understanding Variability of Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall in Different Time Scales Using Global Coupled and Regional Models  Synopsis Seminar

 TIRUMANI SIVA SAI KRISHNA ( RollNo : 518ER6004) [Student]

 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

 Seminar Hall of Mining Department  [06 Feb 2023 4:00 PM]

The Traditional Knowledge-based Medicine Companies of India: An Empirical Investigation into their Performances, Modes of Operation, Commoditization, and Promotions  Registration Seminar

 KALYANI SETHI ( RollNo : 520HS2010) [Student]

 Humanities and Social Sciences

 Advanced Language Lab, HS Department, Room No. MN - 427  [06 Feb 2023 11:00]

Efficient Resource Relocation Strategies for Virtual Data Centers over Multi-Domain Substrate Networks  Defence Seminar

 ANURAG SATPATHY ( RollNo : 517CS1003) [Student]

 Computer Science and Engineering

 CS-323, New Conference Hall, CSE Department  [06 Feb 2023 09:30am]

Biometric System for Person Identification: Exploring Unimodal and Multimodal Techniques  Defence Seminar

 BANEE BANDANA DAS ( RollNo : 517CS8008) [Student]

 Computer Science and Engineering

 Convention Hall, CSE  [06 Feb 2023 11.00AM]

Rationally designed peptides as inhibitors of amyloid formation in model protein  Progress Seminar

 AMIT MITRA ( RollNo : 519BM1006) [Student]

 Biotechnology and Medical Engineering

 Seminar Room, BM Dept.  [08 Feb 2023 4.30 pm]

Cattle Identification using Visual Cues  Registration Seminar

 CAMELLIA RAY ( RollNo : 521CS1005) [Student]

 Computer Science and Engineering

 Computer Science Room CS325  [08 Feb 2023 16:30]

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Energy Piles with Heat Exchangers subjected to Chaotic Advection  Progress Seminar

 G SUNEEL KUMAR ( RollNo : 518CE1008) [Student]

 Civil Engineering

 Seminar Room, Civil Engineering Department  [09 Feb 2023 17.15]

Feedback response between Endogenous and Exogenous processes linked with Magmatic and Hydrothermal systems  Progress Seminar

 SAMBIT SAHOO ( RollNo : 519ER2004) [Student]

 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

 Seminar Room, Mining Engineering Department  [10 Feb 2023 11:30 am]

A Framework for Understanding Population Mobility by Rural Accessibility Measurement Approach  Synopsis Seminar

 SHIVENDU SHEKHAR SINGH ( RollNo : 516AR1001) [Student]

 Planning and Architecture

 Seminar room PA  [14 Feb 2023 4:15 pm]

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