Radio Resource Allocation using Cellular Network in VANET  Progress Seminar

 BIRAJA PRASAD NAYAK ( RollNo : 519CS1005) [Student]

 Computer Science and Engineering

 Conference Hall - CS 208  [12 Jun 2023 11 AM]

Impact of sub-seasonal and quasi-biweekly oscillations on tropical cyclones over the Bay of Bengal  Progress Seminar

 GORJA MOHAN MURALI KRISHNA ( RollNo : 520ER1001) [Student]

 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

 Mining department seminar hall  [12 Jun 2023 10:00 AM]

Exploring neutron star properties with dark matter admixed in a single fluid approach  Registration Seminar

 PINKU ROUTARAY ( RollNo : 521PH1005) [Student]

 Physics and Astronomy

 MC126  [12 Jun 2023 11:00 AM]

Facile synthesis and photocatalytic application of MOF and MOF derived heterostructures for activation of atmospheric molecules and environmental remediation  Synopsis Seminar

 RANJIT BARIKI ( RollNo : 518CY1017) [Student]


 Seminar Hall, Chemistry Department  [12 Jun 2023 10.30 AM]

Comparative Study of Chipless RFID Tag Resonator for Orientation-Independent Properties and Bit-Capacity.  Departmental Seminar

 Malimbada Gamage Chamodhie Samudrini [Student]

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

 EC303, Seminar Room  [12 Jun 2023 05.30PM]

Video-based Road Accident Detection on Highways: A Less Complex YOLOv5 Approach.  Departmental Seminar

 Goutam Kumar Sahoo [Student]

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

 EC303, Seminar Room  [12 Jun 2023 04.30PM]

Design and development of atrial lead system and automated algorithms for enhanced P-wave detection and diagnosis of atrial arrhythmias  Progress Seminar

 PRASANNA VENKATESH N ( RollNo : 519BM6012) [Student]

 Biotechnology and Medical Engineering

 BM-140, Department Seminar Room  [13 Jun 2023 4.30 PM]

Deep Learning based Damage Detection of Structures  Registration Seminar

 TANMAY DAS ( RollNo : 521CE1014) [Student]

 Civil Engineering

 Seminar hall, Civil Engineering Deparment  [15 Jun 2023 10.30 AM]

Development of Drug-Eluting Substrates for Coronary Artery Disease  Synopsis Seminar

 MONALISHA MOHANTA ( RollNo : 518BM1005) [Student]

 Biotechnology and Medical Engineering

 BM Department Seminar Room  [15 Jun 2023 4.00 pm]

Early prediction of sudden cardiac death from Electrocardiogram signal and its derivative (Heart rate variability) signal  Progress Seminar

 SHAIK KARIMULLA ( RollNo : 520EE1006) [Student]

 Electrical Engineering

 EE-401, New seminar Room, Electrical Science Building  [16 Jun 2023 4.00 PM]

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