Efficient computational approaches and their convergence analysis for integro-differential equations with small parameters and fractional derivatives  Synopsis Seminar

 ABHILIPSA PANDA ( RollNo : 519MA2004) [Student]


 Seminar Room, MA dept  [25 Sep 2023 11. 00 AM]

Design and Development of a Mechanical Peeler cum Decorer and Value-addition of Kadamb Fruit (Neolamarckia cadamba)  Progress Seminar

 TARAK CHANDRA PANDA ( RollNo : 520FP3002) [Student]

 Food Process Engineering

 Old Seminar Room (Chemical Engineering Department)  [25 Sep 2023 17.00]

Effect of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem on Firms’ Business Performance: Role of Dynamic Capability and Digital Transformations  Registration Seminar

 SAGAR KUMAR BEHERA ( RollNo : 521SM1007) [Student]

 School of Management

 Conference Hall, School of Management  [25 Sep 2023 05.15 pm]

Chemistry of vanadium(IV/V) and ruthenium(II) complexes with O- and/or N- and/or S- donor ligands incorporating bio-active molecules in relation to their anticancer activity  Synopsis Seminar

 GURUNATH SAHU ( RollNo : 518CY1003) [Student]


 Chemistry Seminar Hall (MC 319)  [25 Sep 2023 4:00 PM]

Optimization of MAC Parameters for Message Dissemination in IEEE 802.11p-based Vehicular Ad-hoc NETworks (VANETs)  Synopsis Seminar

 LOPAMUDRA HOTA ( RollNo : 519CS1015) [Student]

 Computer Science and Engineering

 Convention Hall  [26 Sep 2023 4:15 PM]

Development of Photodynamically treated Process to enhance Shelf life of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) using Photosensitizer  Registration Seminar

 GARIMELLA JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU ( RollNo : 521CY6020) [Student]


 Department of Food Process Engineering  [26 Sep 2023 12:00 hr]

Molecular Design and Synthesis of d- (V and Ni) and p- (Sn) block Metal Complexes with Dibasic Ligands: Biological, and Catalytic Relevance  Synopsis Seminar

 SUSHREE ARADHANA PATRA ( RollNo : 518CY1006) [Student]


 Chemistry Seminar Hall (MC 319)  [27 Sep 2023 4:00 PM]

Data Driven Accelerated Weather Forecast using Deep Learning and Quantum Computing  Departmental Seminar

 Dr. Manish Modani [External Professional]

 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

 MS Teams (Link provided at the end of the abstract)  [27 Sep 2023 11:00 AM]

Development of Robust Hand-Gesture Recognition System using Deep Learning-based approaches and Building a Novel Human-Machine Interface to control Multimedia Applications  Synopsis Seminar

 ABIR SEN ( RollNo : 518CS1007) [Student]

 Computer Science and Engineering

 CS 323  [27 Sep 2023 11:00]

FA-GGBFS based Geopolymer Concrete incorporating CMRW and SS as Fine and Coarse Aggregates  Registration Seminar

 AMAN DEEP ( RollNo : 521CE1018) [Student]

 Civil Engineering

 Seminar Hall, Civil Engineering Department  [27 Sep 2023 4.30 PM]

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