Optimization of Distillation Column in Cryogenic Distillation Process for CO2 Capture and Application of Machine Learning Algorithms  Departmental Seminar

 Nandakishora Y (519ME1009) [Student]

 Mechanical Engineering

 Seminar Hall, Mechanical Engineering Department  [11 Oct 2022 4:30 PM]

Vibration and Buckling of Cracked Laminated Composite Beam with Crack Detection Using Fuzzy Logic  Defence Seminar

 PRIYADARSHI DAS ( RollNo : 517CE8004) [Student]

 Civil Engineering

 Hybrid mode (Seminar Hall, Department of Civil Engineering/Through Google Meet (Code:-  [12 Oct 2022 10.30 AM]

Power Management in a PV Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging System  Departmental Seminar

 Anindya Bharatee (519EE1002) [Student]

 Electrical Engineering

 Seminar room (EE 401)  [12 Oct 2022 5:30 PM]

Noise Detection Based Adaptive Control of Dual Staged Grid Interfaced PV System  Departmental Seminar

 Pragnyashree Ray (519EE1008) [Student]

 Electrical Engineering

 Seminar room (EE 401)  [12 Oct 2022 5:15 PM]

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