Analog and Digital VLSI Design Flow and Embedded System Design

 Prof. Santanu Sarkar

 04 Jul 2022 to 13 Jul 2022

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

Advances in carbon dioxide capture and utilization for sustainable climate [ACCUSC-2022]

 Prof. Sujit Sen

 04 Jul 2022 to 10 Jul 2022

Sustainable Disruptive Technology in Agri-Food sector for Processing and Preservation

 Dr. Madhuresh Dwivedi

 11 Jul 2022 to 15 Jul 2022

Future Intelligent Network Toward 6G: Machine-Learning Approaches (FINT6G)

 Prof. Shrishailayya Mallikarjunayya Hiremath

 24 Jul 2022 to 30 Jul 2022

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

High-Performance Computing and AI Predictive Tools in Fluids and Thermal

 Dr. Kishore Singh Patel

 25 Jul 2022 to 29 Jul 2022

Solid Modelling and Motion Studies For Research and Industrial Applications

 Prof. Suraj Kumar Behera

 12 Dec 2022 to 16 Dec 2022

6G and AI: Connecting Things with Connecting Intelligence

 Prof. Poonam Singh

 12 Dec 2022 to 16 Dec 2022

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

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