Optimization of post-investment cast HIPing treatment of aerospace grade Ti-6AI-4V alloy for improvement of fatigue life.

 Aeronautics R&D Board (ARDB)

 MM:Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

  Prof. Kumud Kant Mehta

  Prof. Krishna Dutta, Prof. Natraj Yedla, Dr. Amit Bhattacharjee

 Sep 2023 - Sep 2026

Design and Development System on Chip based next Generation IoT System for Industry 4.0 with Functional Safety and Security Features.


 EC:Electronics and Communication Engineering

  Prof. Kamalakanta Mahapatra

  Prof. Ayas Kanta Swain

 Jul 2023 - Jul 2028

Development of IOLA- Indian Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Coupled mesoscale prediction System for ocean state and coastal hazards over the Indian region.

 Indian Institute of Tropical Meterology (IITM)

 ER:Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  Prof. Krishna Kishore Osuri


 Jul 2023 - Jul 2026

Capacity building for Human Resource Development in Unmanned Aircraft System. (Drone and Related Technology)


 ME:Mechanical Engineering

  Prof. Jonnalagadda Srinivas

  Prof. Dayal Ramakrushna Parhi, Dr. Balaji P.S., Prof. Santos Kumar Das

 Jul 2023 - Jul 2028

Identification and molecular characterization of autophagy-inducing chemo preventive molecules from marine microorganisms to target oral squamous cell carcinoma.


 LS:Life Science

  Prof. Sujit Kumar Bhutia, Prof. Surajit Das, Prof. Mrutyunjay Jena


 Jun 2023 - Jun 2026

Automatic 3D Cephalometric Analysis 3 Telsa Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based on Artificial Intelligence.


 BM:Biotechnology and Medical Engineering

  Dr. Bala Chakravarthy Neelapu

  Prof. Kunal Pal, Prof. Sivaraman J.

 May 2023 - May 2026

The role of Epitranscriptomic makers of glioma in oncogenesis and clinical outcome.


 LS:Life Science

  Dr. Srinivasan Muthuswamy, Prof. Sushila Jaiswal

  Prof. Suman Jha, Prof. Awadhesh Kumar Jaiswal

 May 2023 - May 2026

Light weight metal composite with Silicon for Portable Hydrogen Storage Reactors LiSi HyStoRe.


 EE:Electrical Engineering

  Prof. Paresh G Kale


 May 2023 - May 2025

Development of Pressure Measurement Module for Chamber Pressure Measurement.

 Armament Research Bhavan (ARMREB)

 EC:Electronics and Communication Engineering

  Prof. Sougata Kumar Kar

  Dr. Sudip Kundu, Aveek Dutta

 Apr 2023 - Apr 2027

Feasibility study and development of ESG reporting framework for manufacturing MSMEs in Odisha towards a Swachh Bharat.


 SM:School of Management

  Dr. Manvendra Pratap Singh

  Dr. Arpita Chakraborty, Dr. Kumar Aashish

 Apr 2023 - Apr 2024

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