Computer and Informatics Centre (CIC)


The institute computer centre is equipped with most modern and advanced infrastructure to provide a distributed computing environment to cater to the computing and networking needs of the inmates of the institute. The centre has a state of art Computer Network along with blade server and HPC infrastructure. The Computer Center is providing laboratory class facility to B.Tech 1st year & 2nd year and M.Sc students as part of their academic curriculum. It has a wide range of specialized licensed software mined in the software vault of the institute intranet for easy use of researchers. Frequently the centre organizes training programs on specialized software by specialized trainer for students, researchers and staffs. The computer centre also has many dedicated logical servers such as HPC, Mail server, Backup server, Intranet server, Library server, Authentication server, FTP server, NPTEL server, Blog server, Antivirus server, etc. which provide dedicated resources to different applications.

  • Zimbra email solution for 10500 users.
  • HPC (SANKHA): 4 TeraFlops raw processing capacity with FDR infiniband switch. GPU with NVDIA Tesla.
  • HPC (JAMUNA): 36 TeraFlops raw processing capacity with FDR OPA switch.
  • Storage Area network (SAN) with 500TB storage.
  • Storage Area network (SAN) with 100TB storage.
  • Storage Area network (SAN) with 100TB storage.
  • Virtualized server infrastructure with 14 licenses of VMWARE.
  • Server backup infrastructure with VEEAM Backup.
  • Server infrastructure supported by ten HS22 IBM Blade Server with 96 GB RAM.
  • Server infrastructure supported by Twelve C7000 HP Blade Server with 256 GB RAM.
  • Campus wide computer network infrastructure with 40G/10G/1G fiber backbone supported by Extreme Black Diamond X8 Core Switch, 40G Switch & 10G Switch.
  • Gateway Security by Unified Threat Management (UTM) i.e. Check Point 13500 appliance.
  • ISP Link Load Balancing by ARRAY APV 2800 (two appliances)
  • 5Gbps Internet bandwidth for users
  • Campus facilitated by Videoconferencing and VoIP facility
  • Campus wide network of IP based surveillance system to provide security
Sl. No. Items Description { Quantity }
1 HPC (4 Teraflops)
  • Master node (Intel Xeon 2.0 GHz, two CPU 16 cores, 64GB) { 1 }
  • Compute Node (Intel Xeon 2.0 GHz, two CPU 16 cores, 64GB) { 32 }
  • Storage Node (Intel Xeon 2.0 GHz, two CPU 16 cores, 64GB) { 3 }
  • GPU node (Intel Xeon 2.0 GHz, two CPU 16 cores, 64GB) { 1 }
  • Infiniband Switch { 2 }
  • Gigabit switch { 2 }
2 HPC (36 Teraflops)
3 Servers
  • IBM HS22 { 10 }
  • Blade Center Chassis –type H { 1 }
  • HP C7000 blade center chassis { 1 }
  • HP ProLiant BL460C Blade Server { 12 }
  • HP ProLiant BL460C Blade Server { 12 }
4 Storage
  • HP EVA P6500 (100 TB) { 1 }
  • HP 3PAR (500 TB) { 1 }
  • Dell Unity 480 (100 TB) { 1 }
5 SAN Switch SAN Switch (48 ports) – CISCO MDS 9148 multilayer fabric switch { 2 }
6 Network Switch
  • Extreme Networks Summit X460-G2-24t-10GE4 {3}
  • Extreme Networks Summit X440-48t {1}
7 Server Software
  • Vmware Vsphere ESXi 6.0
  • VCenter OPerationS Manager 6.0
  • VCenter Infrastructure Navigator 6.0
  • Vsphere Management assistance
  • VEEAM Backup & Replication
  • Redhat Directory Service
  • Red hat Enterprise Linux
  • Windows Server
  • Windows SQL Server
  • Intel Cluster Studio
  • PBS pro portal
  • Hyerworks Computer Manager
  • HP CMU
  • PGI Compiler
  • Altair
  • Moodle
8 Scientific Software
  • Ansoft & Ansys-v15.0, v18.1
  • MatLab - R2012b, R2015b, R2017a
  • Gaussain-v09
  • Bowtie2
  • Climate_Model
  • GrADS
  • NAMD
  • OpenSees
  • Quantum Espresso
  • WRF
  • STAR
  • MESA
9 Servers Hosted
  • Authentication Server (2 nos)
  • eMail Server: Zimbra email server (5 nos)
  • File Server (RHEL 6.6)
  • Virtual Server (Vmware with Virtual Center)
  • Backup Server (Veeam backup)
  • Terminal Server (RHEL 6 )
  • Intranet Server
  • Web Server
  • DNS server (3)
  • Nagios server
  • NTP server
  • DHCP server (3)
  • Licensing Server used by LMTOOLs (it keeps track of license information for ADAMS, Solidworks, Autocad, MatLab, Qualnet, Exata, Algor, Gproms, Statistica, SPSS, VisSim, Ansys, Plaxis, Labview, Aspen one etc.) Library Server: Dspace, Koha, eBook(oaob), eThesis, library website, INFED, libsys, blog Office Automation: NITR Website, eapplication(NITRIS), Mis, DB1, DB2, CCMN, Gallery, intranet Other Servers: Monday Morning, NPTEL, Server for PC Registration, Software Vault, Wireless Management Server, Server for Dispensary Moodle server, Fingerprint server, Registration Server, ANKCTL, Tally, CHECKPOINT-MGMT, Zimbra webmail, Windows website virtual hosting, Linux website virtual hosting, cnmaster, DNS Lan, ExtremeNMS, Extremewifi-Controller, BIS, Hall Website, IRS-HPE, VCenter OPerationS Manager, VCenter Infrastructure Navigator, Vsphere Management assistance.
10 Electrical support System
  • Generators (200 KVA capacity) { 2 }
  • UPS from Rillo (80 KVA){2}
11 Cooling Support System
  • Six Split ACs each 2 ton and Two Tower ACs each 3 ton from Voltas in Network room
  • Three Precision ACs each 7 ton from STULZ in Server room
  • One Split AC 2 ton from Voltas in BMS room
  • Two Split AC each 2 ton from Voltas in Power room
12 Power Supply
  • 3 Phase power supply from 33 KV substation
13 Cloud Service
  • Microsoft Team
  • Turtitin
14 Other Hardware
  • Two labs with 60 desktops and 90 thin clients from HP Nearly 10 -15 PCs of different make to manage the network. Two Network printers

NIT-Rourkela has a large campus-wide Network infrastructure, designed to meet the computing and communication (internet) needs of the Institute.

  • All Academic blocks/ departments, Classrooms, Laboratories, Computing labs, Administrative blocks/ offices, Library, Seminar Halls, Sports Complex, Student Activity Centre, Auditorium, Telephone Exchange, Hostels, Health Centre, Estate Office and some parts of the residential area are connected with 40G/10G/1G fiber optic backbone and provided with 24x7 Internet facility.
  • The Institute LAN is consisting of more than 17000 nodes.
  • WiFi network is also available in some department and hostels.
  • Internet connectivity:
    • 24x7 Internet connectivity is available in the campus which includes Academic area, all Hostels, Residential area and other entities of the institute.
    • Institute has a total bandwidth of 5Gbps provided by following ISPs:
      • Vodafone Idea – 2Gbps
      • National Knowledge Network (NKN) through NMEICT project – 1Gbps
      • BSNL – 2Gbps
  • ISP Link Load Balancer: Two number of ARRAY APV 2800 appliances are deployed for balanced routing of internet traffic through each ILL links and proper utilization of bandwidth provided by each ISP.
  • Gateway Security device (Checkpoint - 13500) for:
    • Firewall & Policy Based Routing - to rout inbound and outbound internet traffic.
    • Application Control - to restrict unwanted and malicious applications.
    • URL Filtering - to block/restrict websites that contains undesirable and harmful contents.
    • Identity Awareness - to provide authentication based internet access to the users.
    • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) & Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) – to monitor network traffic for suspicious activity and policy breaching and take action to prevent it.
    • Anti-Bot – to detect bot-infected hosts and prevent damage by blocking bot communication between infected hosts and a remote operator.
    • Anti-Virus –to prevent any network virus to get into the network from outside.
    • Anti-Spam & Email Security – to prevent/filter spam emails reaching their destinations and mitigate threats from phishing, malware and ransomware.
    • Quality of Service (QoS) - to control network traffic and ensure the performance of critical applications with limited network capacity.
  • Gateway Security Management Server is running on VMware. It manages the policies on Gateway Security device i.e. Check Point 13500, manage the logs and generates reports.
  • Prime network devices:
    • L3 Core Switch-1 no.
      Make: Extreme
      Model: Black Diamond X8 (BD X8)
    • 40G Distribution Switch – 3 nos.
      Make: Extreme
      Model: Summit X670-G2-48X-4q
    • 10G Distribution Switch – 25 nos.
      Make: Extreme
      Model: Summit X460-G2-24T-10GE4
    • 1G Distribution Switch – Approximately 70 nos.
      Make: Extreme
      Model: Summit X440-24T and Summit X430-24T
    • 1G Edge Switches – Approximately 580 nos.
      Make: Extreme
      Model: Summit X440-24T and Summit X430-24T
    • Wireless Controllers:
      • Extreme WM 3700 (Hardware) – 2 nos.
      • Cambium cnMaestro (VMware) – 1 no.
      • Extreme WiNG v7.5.1 (VMware) – 1 no.
    • Wireless Access Points - Approximately 80 nos:
      • Extreme AP 4600
      • Cambium E410.
      • Extreme AP 7662i
      • Extreme AP 460i (outdoor)

Computer center provides the following facilities:-

  • High Performance Computing facility for research usage.
  • Single sign-on system for FTP, eMail, internet login, Moodle facilities eMail Service Website application service
  • Intranet service to provide information to internal users
  • Internet connection for home users through ADSL.
  • Cable and wireless connection for department and hostels
  • Central computer laboratory facilities for students to organize online examination, training, organize common class for departments etc.
  • Computer Center provides the following latest version of licensed software for internal users in the Software Vault
    • MATLAB
    • AspenONE
    • LabVIEW
    • Statistica
    • Plaxis 2D
    • ADAMS
    • Solidworks
    • Equalis
    • AUTODESK (Mechanical and Electrical)
    • ANSYS includes Fluent
    • ALGOR (ALGOR multiphysics V.19 (99 users) Academic License)
    • SPSS (PASW Statistics Base, PASW Regression, PASW Advanced Statistics)
    • Qualnet (Upgraded from Existing Qualnet Single user Research License to Quad code EXATA Research License perpetual)
    • VisSIM comm (Vis Sim/Comm Suit including ProVis Sim and Vis Sim/ Comm- One set of 30 user Floating License)
  • Computer Center provides the following licensed software for network/server administration:-
    • VMware ESX
    • Virtual Center
    • VEEAM Backup & Replication
    • Zimbra Collaboration Suite
    • Redhat Directory Server
    • Cisco Fabric Management utility
    • Cisco Device Manager
    • HP Cluster Management utility
    • HP 3PAR Management Console
    • HP EVA6500 Command View
    • HP Onboard Administrator
    • Dell EMC Unisphere
    • IBM Blade Centre H Admin Console
    • Extreme Networks NetSight
    • Checkpoint UTM Management Console
    • Cambium Wireless Controller
    • Extreme WingS

There are 9 laboratories with total no of 607 PCs available in Computer Centre to support academic classes. One of lab is acoustic lab with 63 PCs is dedicatedly allotted for Humanities department. One Thin Client Programming lab is available only for first year students. All PCs are supported by i7 processor with 4GB RAM in 197 PCs and 2GB RAM in 410 PCS. These Labs are supported by audio systems, 12 projectors and air condition. For uninterruption of lab. classes, four are available in load balanced mode and electricity is supported by autostart generator connection.

Lab no Particular Specification Numbers
108 PC HP-i7, 2GB RAM, 500G HDD 63
109 Thin client ----- 164
110 PC HP-i7, 2GB RAM, 500G HDD 57
208 PC HP-i7, 2GB RAM, 500G HDD 44
209 PC HP-i7, 2GB RAM, 500G HDD 149
210 PC HP-i7, 2GB RAM, 500G HDD 44
310 PC HP-i7, 2GB RAM, 500G HDD 38
308 PC HP-i7, 2GB RAM, 500G HDD 38
309 PC HP-i7, 2GB RAM, 500G HDD 159
UPS Vertiv UPS 40 KVA 4
Sl No Service Name Service Provider Firm Total Manpower engaged Administrator
01 Servers Smart Planet IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 7 Mr. Kailash Swain
02 Network Management Black Box Ltd. 5 Mr. Dilip Panda
03 Software Maintenance and Helpdesk Support Hepta Infotech 8 Mr. Swadheen Swadesh

Head, Computer Center

Prof. Manish Okade

Associate Professor


Mr. Snehasish Parhi

Senior Scientific Officer
  +91-661-246 2672

Mr. Manas Ranjan Pattanayak

Scientific Officer
  +91-661-246 2968

Mr. Tapan Kumar Pattanaik

Scientific Officer
  +91-661-246 2984

Mr. Brajendra Kumar Behera

Scientific Officer
  +91-661-246 2969

Technical Assistants

Mr. Pratap Kumar Tripathy

Technical Assistant [SG-II]
  +91-661-246 4679

Ms. Sabita Mohapatra

Technical Assistant [SG-I]

Mr. Bikram Kumar Sahoo

Senior Technical Assistant
  +91-661-246 4676

Mr. Sauravranjan Sarangi

Senior Technical Assistant
  +91-661-246 2985