Lawn and Garden(LG)


NIT Rourkela is situated at the foothill of a mineral rich region and its rocky soil makes the task of a planned green garden the challenging one. To execute this task in the best possible manner,Lawn and Garden committee was constituted in 2003. This committee looks after and maintains the vegetation and flora of the institute campus. The end-work is executed by the workers under various contractors, who in turn are selected through tendering processes. With the consistent effort of the administration and the L&G committees, the NIT campus is administered as one of the best lawn and garden in the city.

Lawn and garden committee performs following activities.

  • Maintenance of vegetation and prevention from unnecessary cutting.
  • Monitoring and administrating the tree plantation and their growth.
  • Trimming of precarious/unsafe branches and trees.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of roads, lawns, playgrounds, etc.
  • Organizing plantation drives to make the campus green.


Landscape ecology of NIT Rourkela

NIT Rourkela has beautiful Landscape ecology.

plantation by 1970 Alumni batch
Plantation by 1970 batch alumni
January 25, 2020

Bakula (Mimusops elengi) plantation by NITRAA 70 (1970 batch alumni)

Coconut tree plantation
Coconut tree plantation along the bank of pond
December 4, 2019

Coconut Plantation along the bank of pond under the flagship of Prof. AnimeshBiswas (Director-NITR).

New Academic area plantation
Plantation around New Academic area
August 24, 2019

Plantation drive Behind Golden Jubilee Building & Department of Mechanical Engineering Building, under the flagship of Prof. S.K.Patel (Dean SW).

TIIR plantation
Plantation around TIIR Building
August 05, 2018

Plantation around TIIR Building under the leadership of Sri Santosh Upadhyay (former Registrar NITR)

SD hall plantation
Plantation near SD hall
July 29, 2018

Plantation drive inside S D Hall of Residence by the student volunteers.

FR quarter plantation
Plantation near FR quarters
July 26, 2018

Plantation drive under the flagship of Honorable Sri Dilip Ray (MLA) near FR quarters.

vanmahostab plantation
Plantation on Vanmahotsab
July 01, 2018

Plantation drive under the flagship of Prof. Animesh Biswas (Director NITR) and Madam Biswas on the occasion of Vanmahotsab.

Medicinal plantation
Establishment of medicinal and herbal garden
December 03, 2017

Establishment of medicinal & herbal garden under the flagship of Prof. Animesh Biswas (Director NITR).

Independence day plantation
Plantation on 69th independence day
August 15, 2015

Plantation drive under the flagship of Prof. Sunil K Sarangi (former director NITR) on the occasion of 69th Independence Day.

Committee Members

Prof. Suman Jha

Associate Professor
  +91-661-246 2687

Prof. Sasmita Mohapatra

  +91-661-246 2661

Prof. Vidya Devi Negi

Assistant Professor Grade-I
  +91-661-246 2783

Prof. Sarojalochan Samal

Associate Professor
  +91-661-246 2983

Mr. Rosan Kumar Panda

Technical Assistant
  +91-661-246 0000