Chemical Engineering


The branch of Chemical Engineering deals with the chemical processes for manufacturing of different products, designing of equipments, fundamental understanding, and the technology of chemical, petroleum and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, foods and many other products. The Chemical Engineering department at NIT Rourkela specializes in most of the modern broad areas such as modeling and simulation, computational fluid dynamics, process control, reaction engineering, transfer operations, thermodynamics, environmental engineering, biochemical engineering, nanotechnology, renewable energy and so on.

The department is also well equipped with the sophisticated instruments such as BET surface area analyzer, TGA, HPLC, GC, nanoparticle size analyzer, surface tensiometer, contact angle meter, fluorescence spectrophotometer, etc in addition to the traditional basic equipments to boost up high quality research activity. On the other hand, computational research activity of the department is also equally strong by the help of several software such as ASPEN Plus, g-PROMS (PSE), and MATLAB. So, the strength of the department lies in its diversity and its interdisciplinary nature. The department also delighted with sponsored projects funded by different sponsoring agencies such as DST, CSIR, MOEF, MNRE, etc.


To become an internationally acclaimed department of higher learning to address major societal issues and solve technical challenges faced by chemical and allied industries through eco-friendly technologies.


  1. To inculcate students with a strong fundamental knowledge to meet the needs of a rapidly changing technological environment in process development and equipment design.
  2. To carry out vibrant interdisciplinary research programs that can creatively shape the undergraduates and graduates to address the needs of chemical engineering profession in particular and society in general.
  3. To develop leadership qualities to solve scientific and environmental challenges keeping in mind the safety and ethical concerns

Head of the Department

Prof. Abanti Sahoo

  0661-2462251 (HOD)
  0661-2462258 (Off)

Office Address

Department of Chemical Engineering
 National Institute of Technology Rourkela
 Rourkela, Odisha - 769008