Center of Excellence on Public Health Nutrition

In collaboration with UNICEF, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences established the Centre of Excellence on Public Health Nutrition. The center serves as a platform for collaborative research and knowledge sharing activities among the different research groups, planner and policy makers in the areas of Public Health Nutrition and Food Security, especially in Odisha.

Focus Areas

  1. To conduct periodic situational analysis, independent programme assessments, process documentation, pilot studies and document stories of human interest/best practices for the Odisha State Food Commission and also as per the request of UNICEF and the concerned Departments of Government of Odisha/ district administration.
  2. Suggest and encourage research scholars to carry out their doctoral and post doctoral research in the field of public health nutrition. Facilitate formative and operational research for providing inputs/ recommendations for quality enhancement in nutrition focussed programs.
  3. To facilitate regional and state level workshops, key meetings and seminars on different nutrition themes/issues.
  4. Support Odisha State Food Commission for overall monitoring and review of multi-sectoral nutrition interventions and food security schemes like TPDS/AAY, MDM, SNP, THR and Mamata, with particular emphasis on tribal and PVTG areas.
  5. Addressing research gaps through knowledge management.

Academic Collaboration

  1. Doctoral fellowship programme in the area of public health nutrition and food security.
  2. Postdoctoral fellowship programme in the area of public health nutrition and food security.
  3. Conduct short term training programmes the area of public health nutrition and food security.
  4. Bidding for other projects related to the area of public health and nutrition from third year onwards.
  5. Offer nutrition related courses for undergraduate and post graduate courses.

Links to various public health nutrition data

Some initial steps

Principal Investigator

Prof. Jalandhar Pradhan

  0661 2462696



Mr. Niranjan Bariyar

Programme Manager
  +91-78737 97637

Mr. Tamal Reja

Senior Research Associate
  +91-98924 04598

Dr. Priyanka Singh

Research Associate
  +91-246 4691

Advisory Committee Members


Prof. Vikas Bhatia

AIIMS, Bhubaneswar

Prof. Virginius Xaxa

Professor of Eminence
Tezpur University, Assam

Prof. Arvind Pandey

Retd. Director
National Institute of Medical Statistics, New Delhi

Dr. Samir Narayan Chaudhuri

Secretary & Founder Director
Child in Need Institute, Kolkata

Prof. Sayeed Unisa

International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai

Mr. Sourav Bhattacharjee

Nutrition Specialist
UNICEF, Odisha

Dr. Soumen Ray

Social Policy Specialist
UNICEF, Odisha