Centre for Industrial Refrigeration & Cryogenics


Profile (Introduction)

Centre for Industrial Refrigeration and Cryogenics started at NIT Rourkela in year 2002. The centre is hosted by Mechanical Engineering Department however the centre is a multidisciplinary unit comprising of Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. The objective of the centre is to carryout quality research on low temperature generation and development of devices for low temperature applications. The centre has played a good role in generating human resources in the area of low temperature and its applications. The centre has produced many PhDs and M Tech students specialized in cryogenic and refrigeration science. The department of Mechanical Engineering started M. Tech. program “Cryogenics and Vacuum Technology” with the centre in 2006.

Sponsored research and consultancy remain at the core of activities in the centre. The Centre has been successful in securing research and consultancy funds from several agencies such as BRNS, MHRD, ISRO, SERB, IGCAR, TEQIP-II, TEQIP-III, DPC (Govt. of Odisha), HBL Power Systems Ltd. and Muteki Automação Ltda( Brazil) for conducting high end research projects. An indicator of the research activities at the Centre is the good number of publications in international journals and research projects. The centre is equipped with various high-end equipment such as liquid nitrogen plants, Helium Liquification Plant, Vacuum Brazing facility, dedicated gas circuit for various experimentations, Helium purification unit, various vacuum pumps etc.

Research Area

  • Refrigeration and Liquefaction of Gases, Vacuum Technology
  • Gas Separation and Purification, Air Separation Technology
  • Industrial Refrigeration Systems for Energy Saving
  • GM-type pulse tube refrigerator, Applied Superconductivity
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Cryogenic Regenerators
  • Echo-friendly Refrigeration System, Geothermal refrigeration
  • Cryogenic Turboexpanders, GM and Stirling cryocooler
  • Millikelvin temperature physics

Sponsored Research Project/Consultancy

  • Design of micro cryogenic coolers for phased array receiver, ISRO, 2023-2026 (Rs. 37.23 Lakhs)
  • Design and development of magneto resistive heat switch, ISRO, 2022-2024 (Rs. 29.7 Lakhs)
  • Design, optimisation and experimental investigation of high speed turbomachinery rotor supported on gas foil bearing, SERB, 2022- cont. (Rs. 28.40 Lakhs).
  • Use of ground source energy as an alternative to air conditioning, Dept. of Planning and convergence, Govt. of Odisha, 2021-22 (Rs. 5.00 Lakhs)
  • Development of an affordable liquid nitrogen generator for medical, veterinary and life science application, BPUT, CRIS, TEQIIP –III, 2020-21, (Rs. 3.00 Lakhs)
  • Design of the radial turbine and associated parts for Turbogenerator, Muteki Automação Ltda, Brazil, 2021-22, ( 1.74 Lakhs)
  • Design and development of novel two and three dimensional oscillating heat pipes with connected headers for space applications, SERB, DST, August, 2017- 2021(Rs. 28.83 Lakhs).
  • Development of gas foil bearings for high speed turbo- expanders for cryogenic applications, BRNS FY; 2017-2021 (Rs. 30.54 Lakhs).
  • Development of cylindrical pneumatic bump formation machine for fabrication of gas foil bearings used in cryogenic turboexpander, TEQIP-III, 2019-20 (Rs. 2.00 Lakhs)
  • Development of a compact indigenous cryocooler based on single-stage GM type pulse tube refrigerator, BRNS,2018-2020 (Rs. 28.96 Lakhs)
  • Development of KW Class Cryogenic Helium Turboexpander-Phase-1: Design Modelling. BRNS 2015-2016 (Rs. 9.41 Lakhs).
  • Development of prototype turboexpander using self-acting gas bearings for cryogenic application, TEQIP-II, 2014-15 (Rs. 16.00 Lakhs)
  • Development and study of an indigenous helium purifier based on low temperature high pressure adsorption of impurities, BRNS-DAE, 2007-2011 (Rs.34.00 Lakhs).
  • Development of Stirling cycle cryocooler for infrared imaging systems, M/s HBL Power Systems Ltd., Hyderabad, 2009- 2010, (Rs.5.00 Lakhs).
  • Development of turboexpander-based cryogenic refrigerator and liquefier, BRNS-DAE, 2007-2011 (Rs.43.00 Lakhs).
  • Studies on helium screw compressor and associated gas purification system for application in large cryogenic refrigerators, BRNS-DAE, 2002-2006 (Rs.32.00 Lakhs).
  • Design and analysis of cover gas purification system for prototype fast breeder reactor, IGCAR 2003-2005 (Rs.7.00 Lakhs).
  • Industrial refrigeration systems for energy saving and protection of environment, MHRD, 1997-2000 (Rs.10.00 Lakhs)
  • Development of echo-friendly refrigeration system, MHRD, 1999-2002 (Rs.6.00 Lakhs).


  • 23rd national symposium on cryogenics, October 28 - 30, 2010

High end equipment / facility available in the centre

  • Liquid Nitrogen Plant, Linde Cryo Plants Ltd.LN-25
  • Helium Liquefier Model- Koch Process System-1610
  • Dual-stage Rotary vane pump (100 lpm capacity)
  • Turbo-molecular pump with backing pump
  • Vacuum Furnance, Srinitech Services Mumbai
  • Custom Helium Purifier, Cryogenic Condesor Pvt.Ltd
  • Liquid Helium Plant-18ltrs & Assesories, Cryomech
  • Vacuum Pumping System Model 114d(M) With Lnt, M/S Hind Vacuum Ltd.
  • CMSH -30L He Dewar With Assesories, Cryofab Inc
  • Super Conducting Magnet Power, M/S Oxford Instruments and Nano Technology
  • Air Dryer And Reciver, Delair India Pvt Ltd
  • Rotary Pump For Cryogenic Facility, Ran-Vac Technology VT-2063
  • Rotary Vane Pump VT-2006 100ltrs, Vacuum Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Rd-250 Pump With 3 Phase Motor, HHV Pumps Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hicute-300 Classic Pfeiffer Vacuum Turbo Molecular Pump, Pfeiffer Vacuum Gmbh, Germany
  • Scroll Compressor, Standard Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.
  • Horizontal LN2 Storage Container, M/S Cryofab Inc. Usa
  • Water Chiller 1MED005 DOPIY, Werner Finley Pvt. Ltd., 5tr Water Chill
  • Various Vacuum Vessel, Shell-Tube-Pvt. Ltd.
  • Star Finned Vapourizer, Shell-Tube-Pvt. Ltd.
  • Penguin Wide Neck Dewar, Shell-Tube-Pvt. Ltd.
  • Plasma Spray Torch & Auxilary, Ion Arc Pl-4000
  • Customised Gas Circuit for Turboexpander Test Rig




Dr. Sushil Kumar Rathore

Assistant Professor Grade-I


Dr. Manoj Kumar Moharana

Associate Professor

Prof. Suraj Kumar Behera

Assistant Professor Grade-I
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Associate Professor
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Dr. S. Anbarasu

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Dr. Sushil Kumar Rathore

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Prof. Jnana Ranjan Senapati

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Dr. Kishore Singh Patel

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