Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering broadly involving electricity, electromagnetism and electronics is essential in modern human life and industries. The present day academic activities of electrical engineering are very broad with this due reason. The electrical engineering department at NIT Rourkela has specialized faculties in all important areas of electrical engineering such as power system, power electronics & drives, control & automation and signal processing.

The academic and research activities in the department focus on the frontier areas of electrical engineering such as power quality studies, distributed generation, soft switching of converters, inverter design, control strategies for complex systems including robotics systems & networked control systems, high voltage & insulation research, signal and image processing. The department hosts a center of excellence in industrial electronics & robotics with participating faculties from Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, and Mathematics departments to boost interdisciplinary research.


To evolve as an internationally acclaimed department for advancing knowledge and technologies in Electrical Engineering by 2025.


To design technologies and nurture technologists for diverse and sustainable growth in Electrical Engineering, leading to wealth and welfare of Humanity.

Head of the Department

Prof. Kanungo Barada Mohanty

  0661-2462401 (HOD)
  0661-2462404 (Off)

Office Address

Department of Electrical Engineering
 National Institute of Technology Rourkela
 Rourkela, Odisha - 769008