Food Process Engineering


Food process engineering is set of post-harvest unit operations and techniques used to transform the agricultural, livestock, fish and marine products in to food suitable for human consumption and products for food and allied industry. The Food process engineering department at National Institute of Technology Rourkela blends engineering disciplines with a strong understanding of food and food science.

The academic and research activities in the department focus on the frontier areas of food process engineering such as food properties and prediction, post-harvest operations, food quality and safety, transport process and kinetics, product development and ingredients innovation, food packaging and storage engineering, computer aided food engineering, energy efficiency, process control and efficiency, automation and manufacturing systems. Food process engineers can specialise in design, development, research, maintenance and operations such as processing, packaging, storage and transportation.

Head of the Department

Prof. Parag Prakash Sutar

Associate Professor
  0661-2462901 (HOD)
  0661-2462903 (Off)

Office Address

Department of Food Process Engineering
 National Institute of Technology Rourkela
 Rourkela, Odisha - 769008