Ranjit Mehatari

Assistant Professor Grade-I


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 Personal Information

Dr. Ranjit Mehatari

Assistant Professor Grade-I


Joined in Feb 2018

 Room Number: PA-202

 Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Sundargarh, Odisha, India - 769008

 Education Qualification

  1. Ph.D.
    IISER Kolkata
  2. M.Sc
    Visva Bharati


Teaching Experience
  • Mathematics,  NIT Rourkela,  22 Feb 2018 - Present
Post Doctoral Research Experience
  • Graph Theory,  IIT Kharagpur,  12 Sep 2017 - 12 Feb 2018

 Expertise Information

Research Group
Statistics, Optimization and Discrete Mathematics
Areas of Interest
Spectral Graph Theory


Graph theoretic and spectral characterization of power graphs of finite groups.


 Principal Investigator

 36 months



 Continuing Education

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Total Publications: 8
P. Cameron, P. Manna, and R. Mehatari, "On finite groups whose power graph is a cograph", Journal of Algebra, vol.591, pp.59-74, Elsvier 2022, 10.1016/j.jalgebra.2021.09.034 Article
P. Manna, P. Cameron, and R. Mehatari, "Forbidden Subgraphs of Power Graphs", Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, vol.28, no.3.4, pp.1-14, Editorial Board Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 2021, 10.37236/9961 Article
R. Mehatari, M. R. Kannan, and A. Samanta, "On the adjacency matrix of a complex unit gain graph", Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Taylor & Francis 2020, 10.1080/03081087.2020.1776672 Article
R. Mehatari and M. R. Kannan, "Eigenvalue bounds for some classes of matrices associated with graphs", Czechoslovac Mathematical Journal, Springer, October 2019 Article
A. Banerjee and R. Mehatari, "On the normalized spectrum of threshold graphs", Linear Algebra and its Applications, vol.530, pp.288-304, Elsvier 2017, 10.1016/j.laa.2017.05.007 Article

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A. Banerjee and R. Mehatari, "An eigenvalue localization theorem for stochastic matrices and its application to randic matrices", Linear Algebra and its Applications, vol.505, pp.85-96, Elsvier, September 2016, 10.1016/j.laa.2016.04.023 Article
A. Banerjee and R. Mehatari, "Characteristics polynomial of normalized laplacian for trees", Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol.271, pp.838-844, Elsvier, November 2015, 10.1016/j.amc.2015.09.054 Article
A. Banerjee and R. Mehatari, "Effect on normalized graph Laplacian spectrum by motif attachment and duplication", Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol.261, pp.382-387, Elsvier, June 2015, 10.1016/j.amc.2015.03.118 Article

 Courses Taught

  • MA1001 : Mathematics - I {Theory}
  • MA1002 : Mathematics - II {Theory}
  • MA3101 : Introduction to Algebra: Group and Ring Theory {Theory}
  • MA3103 : Introduction to Real Analysis and Metric Spaces {Theory}
  • MA406 : Abstract Algebra {Theory}
  • MA4104 : Algebra: Ring and Field Theory {Theory}
  • MA5128 : Graph Theory {Theory}
  • MA612 : Algebra {Theory}
  • MA6612 : Algebra {Theory}

 Research Scholars

Ph.D. Students [3]
Forbidden Induced Subgraphs Of Power Graphs Of Finite Groups

 Pallabi Manna

Enrolled: Aug 2018

 Graduated : May 2023


Spectral Graph Theory

 Santanu Mandal

Enrolled: Aug 2018



Graph Theoretic And Spectral Characterization Of Power Graphs

 Kirti Sahu

Enrolled: Aug 2021




PG Dissertation
  • Chandel Kumar (417MA2076), "Localization of eigenvalues with Gershgorin's theorem and its generalizations." - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring
  • Chetna Singh (417MA2077), "Characterizing Graphs with their Spectrum" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring
  • Sushanta Madhei (417MA2082), "The Perron-Frobenius Theorem and its Application to Ranking of Teams in Cricket League" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring
  • Amit Kumar (418MA2128), "Cayley Graphs and their Relation with Hamiltonian paths" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2019-20 Spring
  • Sanjay (418MA2079), "Principal Submatrices of Hermitian, Normal and Symmetric Matrices" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2019-20 Spring
  • Shruti Priya (418MA2096), "The Zero Divisor Graph of a Commutative Ring" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2019-20 Spring
  • Pratik Sarkar (419MA2097), "The Power Graph of a Finite Group" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2020-21 Spring
  • Yash Verma (419MA2147), "Some Concepts On CLT Groups" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2020-21 Spring
  • Biswanath Barman (420MA2085), "Coloring of graphs" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2021-22 Spring
  • Haradhan Dutta (420MA2049), "Spectral Characterization Of Graphs." - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2021-22 Spring
  • Niloy Kumar Dutta (421MA2176), "GROUP INTEGRALS" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2022-23 Spring
  • Suman Karak (421MA2096), "z-Classes in Groups" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2022-23 Spring
UG Dissertation
  • Bhaskara Chandra Behera (414MA5091), "The Game of Sprouts" - Integrated M.Sc.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring

 Awards and Honours

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