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Biotechnology and Medical Engineering






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Assistant Professor Grade-II

Biotechnology and Medical Engineering

Joined in May 2023

 Room Number: BM-210

 Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Sundargarh, Odisha, India - 769008

 Education Qualification

  1. Ph.D.
    IIT Kharagpur
  2. MS
    IIT Kharagpur
  3. B.Tech
    NIT Durgapur


Teaching Experience
  • Downstream Processing and Bioseparation Laboratory,  NIT Rourkela,  01 Aug 2023 - Present
  • Biochemistry and Microbiology Laboratory,  NIT Rourkela,  26 Jul 2023 - Present
  • Cell and Molecular Biology,  NIT Rourkela,  26 Jul 2023 - Present
Post Doctoral Research Experience
  • Process systems engineering, Techno-economic analysis and Life-cycle assessment,  Kyung Hee University, Global campus, Republic of Korea,  01 Nov 2021 - 13 Apr 2023
  • Waste valorization,  NEERI Nagpur,  19 Apr 2021 - 15 Sep 2021

 Expertise Information

Research Group
Bioprocess Engineering, Environmental and Plant Biotechnology
Areas of Interest
Biorefinery development - Process systems modelling, experimental proof of concept and validation , Waste valorization - Valorization of organic waste for high value chemicals/fuels production , Techno-economic analysis - Assessing the techno-economic feasibility of biorefineries , Life-cycle assessment - Analyzing the environmental impact of bio-process ventures , Scaling up of bio-process ventures - Devising strategies for efficient scale up of bioprocess ventures


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Total Publications: 18
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Min. Y. Oh, L. S. Gujjala, and W. Won, "Process development for production of platform chemicals from white birch: Insights from techno-economic and life-cycle assessment", Chemical Engineering Journal, Elsevier 2023, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cej.2023.144955 Article
L. S. Gujjala and W. Won, "Process development, techno-economic analysis and life-cycle assessment for laccase catalyzed synthesis of lignin hydrogel", Bioresource Technology, Elsevier, November 2022, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biortech.2022.128028 Article
L. S. Gujjala and W. Won, "System-level integrative analyses for production of lignin hydrogels", Green Chemistry, Elsevier, November 2022, 10.1039/D2GC03281C Article

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L. S. Gujjala, J. Kim, and W. Won, "Technical lignin to hydrogels: An Eclectic review on suitability, synthesis, applications, challenges and future prospects", Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier, August 2022, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2022.132585 Article
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 Courses Taught

  • BM1002 : Introduction to Bioengineering {Theory}
  • BM2101 : Cell and Molecular Biology {Theory}
  • BM6534 : Bioreactor and Plant Design {Theory}
  • BM2703 : Biochemistry and Microbiology Laboratory {Practical}
  • BM4707 : Downstream Processing and Bioseparation Laboratory {Practical}

 Research Scholars

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 Awards and Honours

Awards and Honours
  • Best Oral Presentation Award, International Conference on Biotechnology for Sustainable Bioresources and Bioeconomy (BSBB-2022), Organised at IIT Guwahati, 7-11 December 2022.,    2022
  • Travel assistance for presenting research work at Asian Congress on Biotechnology 2019, Taiwan,    2019
  • Visiting research scholar, Aalto University, Finland,    2018
Memberships / Fellowships
  • Biotech Research Society of India (BRSI) Life member since 2015.,    2015
  • Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB) Life member since 2013,    2013