Intellectual Property Innovation Centre (IPIC)


The primary objective of the IPIC (Intellectual Property Innovation Centre) policy of NIT Rourkela is to establish appropriate principles and provide a superior environment to the employees and students of the Institute for creation, protection, ownership and management of intellectual property in the Institute and to stimulate innovation. The day-to-day administration of IPIC issues are handled by a professor-in-charge (IP) and an Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) under the guidance of the Dean (SRICCE).

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  1. Proposing faculty should submit soft copies (PDF and MS Word) of the following documents to the AR (CN):
    1. “Proposal for Filing Indian Patent” (Downloadable from IPIC website of the Institute:
    2. Appropriate IPO forms for patent/design/copyright filing (Downloadable from IPIC website of the Institute:
      1. For example, a product or process patent filing will require Form – 1, Form – 2, Form – 3, Form – 9 and Form – 18
      2. Please read the “Guidelines for Filling Forms” before filling the Form - 2. A sample copy of Form – 2 can also be downloaded from the website.
  2. Proposing faculty should also send two printed copies of the above documents to the PIC, IPIC Cell.
  3. AR (CN) assigns a number to the “IPIC Application” and forwards the application to all members of the IPIC Cell.
  4. IPIC Cell meeting is convened within 5 days of receiving the proposal.
  5. Proposal is evaluated by the IPIC Cell. The recommendation could be one of the following:
    1. Proposal is sent to Reviewers for detailed evaluation with a request to submit their report within 5 days to the PIC, IPIC Cell.
    2. Proposal is recommended for processing and filing.
    3. Proposal is recommended for revision. The proposer may be requested to give a presentation and/or show the patentable product to the IPIC committee.
    4. Proposal is rejected.
  6. Recommended proposals are examined by the Chairman, IPIC cell and are approved or disapproved. A letter of approval/disapproval is communicated to the proposer. In case of approval, SRICCE office is requested to issue the Demand Drafts for patent/design/copyright filing fees.
  7. Proposing faculty of approved applications files the patent in the IPO Office. They may apply,
    1. TA/DA from their PDA.
    2. Advance for submission of Patent Forms to SRICC Office. If the proposing faculty desires, he/she may make the drafts and later, reimburse the amount from SRICC Office.
      1. As of September 2016, following drafts may be required for a product/process patent filing;
        1. Form – 1 (Application Form) : Rs. 8800/-
        2. Form – 2 (Specification of the Patent) : Nil
        3. Form – 3 (Undertaking under Section 8) : Nil
        4. Form – 5 (Declaration as to Inventorship) : Nil
        5. Form – 9 (Request for Publication) : 13,750/-
        6. Form – 18 (Request for Examination) : 22,000/-
      2. Our Institute pays for Form -1 and Form – 18. Fee for the Form – 9 is to be paid by faculty from his/her project or other source.
      3. Please note that Form 1 and 3 have been revised recently by the IPO and require the mandatory mentioning of e-mail ID and mobile number.
      4. Please note that, as per the revised guidelines of IPO, Claim section in Form 2 should make appropriate cross-reference to Drawings (if any) enclosed with the Specification.
  8. While claiming the reimbursement / settling the expenditures to SRICC office, the document file should be routed through the IPR Cell. Copies of the proof of patent/design/copyright filing, issued by the Patent Office/Copyright Board, should be enclosed along with the document file and sent to AR (CN).
  9. All documents are maintained by the Office of the IPIC Cell.
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