SERB sponsored workshop on Mechanically Assisted Surface Treatment

28 Jun 2022   -   29 Jun 2022
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
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Surface treatment is a generic name for a group of processes covering addition, removal, and modification of the surface to obtain a set of properties mainly to improve physical (colour, luster, texture, roughness etc.), structural (grain size, crystallographic texture, dislocation density etc.), surface-mechanical (hardness, wear, residual stress etc.) and electrochemical (corrosion, oxidation etc.) properties. Other core properties like tensile strength, fatigue life etc. can also be improved by such treatments. Mechanically assisted surface treatments, a special group of surface modifications, are already in the potential use for many industrial applications. Shot peening is one such proven method heavily used in automobile industries mainly to improve the fatigue life of gear/shaft components. Ultrasonic shot peening (USSP) is a modern derivative of conventional shot peening and slowly creeping into the market. Laser shock peening (LSP) is another emerging peening process where surface roughness is controlled efficiently with improved fatigue life. These peening techniques can also be used as a secondary surface-modification treatment applied on electrodeposited coatings to provide better adherence along with other beneficial effects mentioned above. All such aspects will be covered in this workshop with a laboratory visit to demonstrate the USSP process.