National Webinar on Lithium-ion Batteries and Beyond: A Perspective for Future Energy Storage Need

23 Jun 2022   -   25 Jun 2022
Ceramic Engineering
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The 3 days webinar is intended to explore some of the exciting topics, including silicon-based anodes replacing graphite for futuristic electric vehicles, 4.0 V NMC-based cathodes, modeling, and simulation to understand the capacity fade and SEI formation at the electrode-electrolyte interface, beyond Li-ion batteries systems including Mg-ion, Na-ion, K-ion chemistries for future energy storage need, etc., as well as selective modern-day applications of Li-ion batteries and challenges faced by the industry. This webinar will increase the scientific knowledge and technical know-how of budding researchers, scientists, and engineers working in academia and industries to understand the intricacies of battery fabrication, testing, abuse test, and battery management systems (BMS). The program will include keynote and invited speakers covering dedicated sessions on various aspects of lithium-ion batteries and beyond by eminent scientists and industry experts from India.