High-Performance Computing and AI Predictive Tools in Fluids and Thermal

25 Jul 2022   -   29 Jul 2022
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The computing and predictive techniques in fluid flow and heat transfer are rapidly evolving fields. With the advancement in computing architecture, algorithms, and the use of graphical processing units in scientific computing—popularly known as General Purpose Graphical Processing Unit (GPGPU)—there is a paradigm shift in the field of computing. Moreover, AI and ML-based predictive techniques are opening a new dimension of computations in fluid dynamics. This workshop is aimed to bring a wide overview of emerging cutting-edge research trends of computing in fluid dynamics.

The course will cover the following major topics;

• Introduction of high-performance computing (HPC) architecture and computing algorithms.
• High-fidelity simulations in turbulence.
• Mesh-less and Lagrangian computational model in CFD.
• Simulations and analyses approach of cloud dynamics.
• A broad overview of aerospace CFD.
• Bubble dynamics and their interactions.
• Introduction of new scalable scientific computing languages and algorithms.
• Multiphase flow simulations and their application in bio-fluid dynamics.

The training session will cover the following topics;

• Training session on the implementation of ANFIS, KNN, ANN, and CNN-based Artificial Intelligence/machine learning model for design and performance prediction of thermal systems.
• Heat transfer and fluid flow analysis using the commercial CFD solvers.
• Training session on CPU-GPU, hybrid parallelization techniques