Solid Modelling and Motion Studies For Research and Industrial Applications

19 Dec 2022   -   23 Dec 2022
Mechanical Engineering
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At current practice in industries, solid modelling of any equipment, tools or products used in industry is essential in the pre-manufacturing stage. To visualize the designing parameters of any product/tool before manufacturing helps engineers to take an appropriate decision. The interactive and user-friendly solid modelling tool  "SolidWorks" is very popular in industries. The 2D fabrication drawings from solid models is another aspect of SolidWorks, which helps to fabricate the designed product. SolidWorks can also be used for space management of existing tools. The motion studies and simulation is an efficient analytical tool that allows the designer to visualize product behavior under various operating conditions. This workshop is designed for the delegates who wish to learn the pre-manufacturing process of any product. This program focuses to provide the skill to create 3D models, assemble them, projection views and motion study using SolidWorks software.