Modern Perspectives in Sustainable Ambient Energy Harvesting

20 Jun 2022   -   24 Jun 2022
Mechanical Engineering
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Ambient energy harvesting systems became very famous in modern technology for powering low energy demanding devices like wireless sensor nodes, electronic circuits and LEDs. Several ambient energy sources like wind, vibration, noise, heat can be exploited conveniently and converted into electric power using suitable mechanisms. The technology of energy harvesting is now well matured and still several developments are noticed in this field. This workshop focuses on the various developments in the field of vibration based energy harvesting systems. Both mechanical and electrical circuit technologies will be described in detail. The systematically organized content of the workshop also provides few expert lectures along with some laboratory sessions. Scope of the various engineering disciplines like optimization and machine learning techniques in the energy harvesting procedures will be explored in a clear manner. Several application studies will also be explained in presentations.