Yoga for Health, Harmony and Happiness

19 Jun 2022   -   25 Jun 2022
Extra Academic Activity
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Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual discipline that aims to attain eternal peace and harmony between body, mind and soul, which comprises movement, stretching, breathing and meditation. It works on leading to the union of individual consciousness to the universal consciousness. It upsurges self-awareness, controls body metabolisms, stimulates positive thoughts and boosts up immunity and efficiency. It imparts basic human values and pushes human beings towards a sustainable lifestyle filled with joy, peace and gratitude. Therefore, regular Yogic practice has been carried out across the globe for stress release, detoxification of body and mind, treatment of disease and disorders, reduction of anxiety and depression. In addition, Yoga plays a crucial role for the foundation of peace and social harmony. In this esteem, a week-long workshop is organized by National Institute of Technology Rourkela in association with Bharatiya Yog Sansthan, New Delhi for the Yogic practice and meditation. In addition, Yoga related seminars will be delivered in hybrid mode by invited experts from several reputed organizations.