A Five-Day Short Term Course on Energy Storage -Basics and Developments (ESBD-2022)

25 Jul 2022   -   29 Jul 2022
Mechanical Engineering
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Energy in any form is the need for everyday human activities. Energy storage is a method of capturing and storing energy produced in a variety of sources at one time. Energy can be harnessed from a variety of sources and availed in the form of radiation, heat, chemical, kinetic, potential, electrical potential, electricity, elevated temperature, and stored for later use. There are a lot of research works are going on in the field of energy storage and there is a huge potential for pursuing research in this field.  Considering the scope of research, this course is intended to provide the basics of energy storage and the progress of different energy storage technologies to the faculty members, students, research scholars, and engineers of any discipline.

The short term course will mainly provide lectures on the following topics biological energy storage, chemical energy storage, electrical and electromagnetic storage, electrochemical energy storage, fossil-fuel storage, mechanical storage, thermal storage.