Sustainable Disruptive Technology in Agri-Food sector for Processing and Preservation

11 Jul 2022   -   15 Jul 2022
Food Process Engineering
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The workshop &lsquoSustainable disruptive processing technologies&rsquo will provide an insight into the application of key enabling technologies for agri-food sector. These technologies can meet the demand for fresh, healthy, convenient and safe foods which has prompted the development of novel technologies. A large number of disruptive technologies including non-thermal processing techniques, such as electro-technologies, mechanical processing, pressure-based technologies, emerging thermal processing techniques, and chemical based will be covered. The exploration and development of alternatives to conventional food processing technologies, not only to improve food processing & preservation, but also to add value to food processing streams while maintaining product safety, quality and sustainability will be covered. The course intends to provide knowledge and application of these technologies which are considered as sustainable, have lower environmental impacts and can produce food with minimal impact on climate without compromising safety, quality and nutritional profile of foods.