Concepts to Commercialization of FRP Composites

08 Aug 2022   -   12 Aug 2022
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
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There is a huge surge in the demand for fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites worldwide in most of the structural applications such as aerospace, automobile, railways, constructions, marine and so on. No doubt, FRP composite will be a key material in face-lifting the upcoming world of structural materials. In order to meet the present as well as future demand, many of the developed as well as developing countries have started broad as well as target oriented customized integrated manufacturing units to produce components of FRP. In this line, India is also on its way to be a global hub of FRP Composites for many structural applications with a focus on railways, automobile and defence. However, these materials being substantially different from the traditionally dominated structural metallic materials such as steel, aluminium and other similar alloys, it becomes difficult initially to have a sound fundamental background knowledge in order to analyse the technical superiority of FRP Composites. Being structurally inhomogeneous and anisotropic, this becomes a challenge to select proper constituents, proper design architecture and ensuring interfacial compatibility to have a reliable and durable product at the end for a flawless smooth service. Present program is aimed at providing these knowledge in-terms of theoretical understanding on these materials, suitability for several critical engineering applications, as well as cutting edge global research trends in the field of FRP composites. Various dimensions of FRP composites in terms of fundamental background, material selection, interface engineering, prospects and challenges ahead of these materials to evolve as an alternate structural material in modern world will be discussed by eminent academic and industrial personnel.