National Bioengineering Conference (NBC): Transdisciplinary approaches in biotechnology and medical engineering research

22 Dec 2022   -   23 Dec 2022
Biotechnology and Medical Engineering
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Bioengineering conference is an annual event organized by the Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering at NIT Rourkela to bring together undergraduates, postgraduates, research scholars and researchers working in the area of bioengineering. The theme of this year's conference is "Transdisciplinary approaches in biotechnology and medical engineering research". As we are aware, we are witnessing an important phase of technological development in the history, with a tremendous emphasis on the utility of the computational resources and sophisticated tools for solving problems of transdisciplinary interest in bioengineering. With an ever increasing knowledge and rising bandgap between the technological advancement and the lab-scale innovations there is a need for connecting the bridge between the two preferably by means of translational innovations in integrating technologies and moving beyond the discipline-specific approaches. In this conference we bring together the experts and the beginners from various disciplines to share their experiences, pre/ post pandemic era, on the dynamics of the transdisciplinary approaches in solving problems of relevance to bioengineering. The conference will serve as a best platform to learn and share the new ideas in the area by connecting the stakeholders involved, particularly students, faculties, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, incubators, and enthusiasts. The conference will serve to inspire the new generation of bioengineers to come up with novel, translatable ideas in order to meet the needs of national and international community. The conference covers all topics in bioengineering, but not limited to, such as &ndash Cell & Molecular Engineering, Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials, Bioprocess Engineering, Environmental & Plant Biotechnology, Biomechanics & Biotransport Engineering, and Medical Electronics & Instrumentation.