Structure and Building Services for Large Scale Buildings

13 Dec 2022   -   17 Dec 2022
Planning and Architecture
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Due to rapid urbanisation and globalisation the functional requirements of the buildings are ever-changing. The complex ever-changing needs of the buildings are becoming real challenges for the architects. Further, the designed solution demands not only the needs of present generation but a sustainable approach considering the needs of future generation also. Hence considering a holistic approach through structure and services the complexities of large-scale buildings such as high-rises, airport, railway station etc. can be relooked. In this regard, this workshop presents the experiences from academic, research and on field cases to enrich the knowledge of the faculties and students associated with Architecture, Civil Engineering and allied fields.

Modules for the workshop are the following:

1. Large-scale buildings design and service.

2. Building floor plate design and vertical transportation.

3. Structural system for large span structures

4. Structural system for tall buildings

5. Water supply in buildings

6. Building sanitation system design

7. Electrical and HVAC design

8. Fire fighting in buildings

9. Solid waste management in high-rise buildings

10. Earthquake resistant structural system for large scale buildings.