A Five-Day Karyashala High-End Workshop on Biomass and Waste Based-CCHP Applications

19 Dec 2022   -   23 Dec 2022
Mechanical Engineering
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Biomass can be converted into fuels or energy and used for generating heat, cooling, and power by adopting different methods.  In recent years, the application of biomass in cooling, heating, and power has been very much visible in industries and communities in the world. The utilization of biomass for cooling, heating, and power applications is expected to increase soon and has huge potential in research and development. On the other hand, municipal wastes and industrial wastes can also be used for producing cooling, heating, and power applications. In this context, this International workshop aims at creating awareness in the research community and users by providing a lecture series in which experts from India and abroad will share their expertise in the area of biomass utilization in cooling, heating, and power applications.

The workshop will focus to share the knowledge of the experts in the following major areas

Biomass conversion processes, characterization of feedstock and products, Current and next-generation biofuel production, Biomass for cooling applications, Biomass for heating applications, Biomass for power applications, Biomass materials for CO2 capture in power plants, Waste to energy for CCHP applications

Training will be given to participants on production of various biofuels. Demonstration and training will be provided on different sophisticated instruments such as FTIR, TA-DTA, SEM, EDS etc. Training on ASPEN software will also be provided to participants.