Recent advances in artificial intelligence for biomedical applications (RAAIBA-2022)

01 Dec 2022   -   07 Dec 2022
Biotechnology and Medical Engineering
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Medical imaging, biomedical signal acquisition, not only plays an important role in diagnostics, but also in therapy, monitoring and in rehabilitation. On the other hand, the increasing data sets generated by medical diagnostic devices make it difficult to explore and analyze data manually. Hence, automatic data analysis using intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques is preferred. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing in biomedical science in many ways from improving image-based diagnostics to engineering strategies for improving movement related to an injury. In this Seven-day Karyashala, there will be training sessions on the Application of AI in biomedical signal and Image processing. We will cover the state-of-the-art and recent advancements in this field. The speakers consist of international experts in this field, recognized experts from premier institutions in India, and major players from the industry.