KARYASHALA on "Technical Insights of Ethanol Fermentation: 1G and 2G"

27 Jan 2023   -   31 Jan 2023
Food Process Engineering
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India aims E20 by 2025. With 20% ethanol blending, the nation will reduce pollution and strengthen country&rsquos economy by limiting the import of crude oil. To meet this need, two times more indigenous ethanol production is required compared to the current days. Thus, the demand of ethanol becomes significantly big to cater different markets including liquor industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry in addition to the biofuel market.

We know that microbial fermentation is an efficient way to produce ethanol from various feedstocks including sugar and starch. In order to support production of such large volume of alcohol naturally, it needs proportional amount of feedstocks. Under such circumstances it is required that fermentation process should be efficient enough to convert the feedstocks maximally into the product of interest. Otherwise, the feedstock price can become similar to the coal price. Attention to the by-product of this industry is equally necessary in order to harness maximum value holistically and to achieve sustainability. The design of the boiler, cooling tower, dryer, decanter, evaporator have a tremendous role to play in this process. Continuous research is going on and several companies have come up with some cutting edge technologies to generate more value over the conventional process equipment.

This workshop will attract 100-150 participants from Pan India and will be a big platform for industries to showcase their products and discuss about the development in biofuel sectors.