Five Day Workshop on, "Human Movement Analysis using 3D Motion Capture System"

30 Jan 2023   -   03 Feb 2023
Biotechnology and Medical Engineering
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This workshop aims to provide basic knowledge about gait techniques used for kinetic and kinematic analysis. The motion capture system is one of the established techniques of gait analysis. In the motion capture system, the reconstructed 3D positions of markers are mapped to a pre-defined human

skeleton for animation. This makes the attendees know the fundamental of the motion capture system and the technology involved in it. The workshop will focus on the tools and techniques available for capturing gait patterns, their advantages, limitations and applications. Some of the topics covered in the workshop are:

Introduction of Gait analysis Various gait measuring techniques Measurement of kinetic and kinematic parameters Labelling of markers Calibration of motion capturing system Gait abnormalities Determination of gait parameters Hands-on experience on gait measuring techniques and

many more.