Condition Assessment of Power System Equipment (CAPSE-2023)

11 Apr 2023   -   15 Apr 2023
Electrical Engineering
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With the increase of population throughout the world, electrical power demand is also increasing rapidly to survive the modern civilization in a better fashion. To meet such increasing demand there are several interconnected power system networks are commissioning both in our country and as well as abroad. It is well known that each of the power system networks have several transformer, CT, PT, circuit breaker, etc. either in transmission or distribution side which plays an important role in it. At the same time these power system equipment are facing different types of thermal and electrical tress during their operation throughout their service period of life which leads catastrophic failure of such equipment, hence failure in power system network. However, intensive care is adopted to such important equipment to protect it from external and internal faults. The condition assessment process starts with the continuous or periodic condition monitoring of the asset with help of IoT devices and sensors. IoT sensors continuously analyses or collect the data of the asset on the basis of minutes, hours, days, months (as per the requirements). It computes and stores the data of the parameters of the transformer to the storage cloud. From that cloud, the concerned person gets this data regularly. On-line diagnostic monitoring and alarm systems are increasingly installed in order to reduce the operational costs and to extend the reliability and safety of the high voltage power system equipment and system operation. Therefore, on-line diagnostic monitoring of such power system equipment from the remote place is very much essential in the field of the quality control and of condition-based maintenance for its reliable operation.