One Week High End Workshop "Karyashala" on "Advances in Mine Geotechnics & Mine Planning"

22 May 2023   -   28 May 2023
Mining Engineering
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With the growing focus on sustainable and efficient mining,  extraction of coal and minerals for open-pit and underground mines are becoming more challenging due to various reasons. One of the legacy challenges faced by the mining industry is  associated with the understanding of the complex rock mass material and the geology, on the other hand, the industry is also facing scarcity of skilled engineers. 

Starting from stages of  geological exploration, geological modelling, rock mass characterization, mine design and optimization to mine closure, a proper understanding of the rock mass behavior has been a crucial step in effective resource utilization with keeping a balance on profitability and industry standard safety practices. Keeping in mind the necessity of current day industry demand, this 7-days workshop aims to impart hands-on-training to mining engineering students, and practitioners to enhance their understanding of the industry's challenges and best practices along with fundamental concepts. Renowned Subject-Matter-Experts from all stages of the mining-value chain with diverse sets of experience are going to share their knowledge in this workshop.  This 7-day High End Workshop (Karyashala) is sponsored by DST SERB Scheme.