Viscoelastic Materials and their Applications in Engineering (VMAE 2023)

24 Jul 2023   -   28 Jul 2023
Mechanical Engineering
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A 5-Day Workshop on Viscoelastic Materials and their Applications in Engineering (VMAE 2023).

Viscoelastic materials are finding applications in several engineering fields. Polymers and their composites have viscoelastic behaviour. These materials exhibit complex elastic constants. The aim of this workshop is to give various developments that happened in the areas of science and applications of these materials during the last few decades. The workshop arranges a forum for several interesting lectures handled by eminent professors and scientists from reputed institutes along with some laboratory sessions on experimental and computational modelling.

Workshop Outline:

1. Introduction to Viscoelastic Materials: Viscoelastic phenomena. Creep. Hysteresis. Decay of vibrations. Viscoelastic solids and liquids. Relaxation. Phase shifts. Wave attenuation.

2. Constitutive Relations for linear viscoelastic materials and Dynamic behavior. 

3. Conceptual Structure of the Theory and solution of Problems Involving Viscoelastic Materials.

4. Experimental methods: DMA analysis and lab experiments.

5. Viscoelastic Composite Materials: Structure-property relations. Bounds on properties. Fibrous, particulate, and cellular solids. Micro and Macro-Mechanical Models.

6. Failure Model of Viscoelastic Materials.

7. Applications of viscoelastic materials on Engineering Components like the use of constrained layer dampers in aerospace industry, use of viscoelastic rotors, etc. will be dealt with. Some computational modelling using ANSYS and COMSOL software.