12 Jul 2023   -   16 Jul 2023
Electrical Engineering
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This short-term course is specially designed and framed taking into account the recent trends of hybrid microgrid infrastructure, its energy management along with inclusion of different renewable energy sources and storage systems into the electric grid. The key challenges in microgrid are supply and demand side management considering the uncertainties in generations and loads. Particularly the course describes general concepts and application, control strategies and power management of hybrid microgrid. In addition, it discusses the power quality issues, voltage and frequency control. Emphasis is also given for improving reliability and economic performance of microgrid, focusing on different MPPT and power sharing control algorithms. Moreover, major emphasis is given to experimental or test bed design and validations of hybrid microgrid performance having various distributed energy sources (DERs) and storage systems. The course is applicable for students and researchers from power system, power electronics and control system area who want to do research in fast growing and emerging renewable energy technology. Also, it will be suitable for engineering professionals from academia, R&D organizations as well as industries.