Computer Applications in Water Resources Engineering (CAWRE-2023)

01 Jun 2023   -   05 Jun 2023
Civil Engineering
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CAWRE is an excellent platform for students, researchers, faculties, industry persons, professionals, and Hydrologists to gain knowledge on applications of different computational tools in Water Resources Engineering. Only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to work in real-field problems. Therefore, this workshop/training mainly focuses on hands-on training on different computational tools for field applications related to water resources engineering. Watershed delineation, Rainfall-runoff simulation, Sediment yield prediction, Dam break analysis, Stormwater management, LULC map preparation, remote sensing application, satellite image processing, River profile study, groundwater recharge estimation and groundwater modelling are such areas of Water resources engineering, which require a thorough knowledge of relevant software and their working. Thus, the main objective of the proposed workshop is hands-on training on some of the essential software used in Water Resources Engineering.