24 Jul 2023   -   28 Jul 2023
Life Science
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This workshop, &ldquoMOLECULAR AND GENOMIC TECHNIQUES IN CANCER STUDIES (MAGTICS - 2023)&rdquo is designed to educate and impart technical knowledge to the post-graduate and Ph.D. students on key molecular biology, genetics, and genomics techniques needed for pursuing cancer research and provide them access to experienced scientists with expertise in cancer research. This will help to form a strong foundation for burgeoning cancer researchers. Led by a team of experts in the field, this five-day workshop aims to integrate instructional videos, special guest lectures, live demonstration sessions, hands-on sessions, and real-data analysis practices to impart knowledge on widely used laboratory techniques and genomics approaches for understanding cancer. This workshop will aid the participants in putting concepts into practice by fulfilling the following objectives-

  1. Introducing the basic and advanced concepts of cancer biology and challenges through expert lectures

  2. Applying molecular techniques for studying oncogenic properties of cancer cells through live demonstrations and hands-on training

  3. Impart knowledge of molecular genetics techniques in cancer studies

  4. Clinical applications and live demonstration and hands-on session of analysis of next-generation sequencing data from cancer genomics and epigenomics studies and other high-end genomic tools and databases for cancer biomarker discovery and possible therapeutics.