5-day Short Term Course On Current Research Trends in Civil Engineering at NIT-Rourkela (online mode) (CRTCE-NITRKL:2023)

01 Jun 2023   -   05 Jun 2023
Civil Engineering
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Course Description:

The participants will learn new research ideas and innovative products developed by the civil engineering faculty at NIT-Rourkela.


1.    Fracture behavior in composites, metals, and epoxy resins.

2.    Development of Real-Time Monitoring System for Early Age Cementitious Materials

3.    A Long-Range Wide-Area Network System for Monitoring Early-Age Concrete Compressive Strength

4.    Particle swarm optimization&ndashbased characterization technique of non-proportional viscous damping parameter of a cantilever beam

5.    An adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system model for studying free in plane and out of plane vibration behavior of curved beams

6.    Digital Project Management: by Manukonda Sai Krishna, Bentley Systems, Chennai.

7.    Fatigue behaviour of plain and reinforced concrete

8.    Fly ash utilization in concrete tiles and paver blocks

9.    Influence of strain rate on the mechanical properties of autoclaved aerated concrete

10.    Numerical failure assessment of multi-bolt FRP composite joints with varying sizes and preloads of bolts