Self-financed 5-day Short Term Course On Fundamentals of Pre-Stressed Concrete for Industry Professionals (online mode) (FPCIP-2023)

12 Jun 2023   -   16 Jun 2023
Civil Engineering
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 Course Description:

The course aims to provide a deep understanding of the prestressing systems used in the civil engineering industry. The course will cover the basics of pre-tensioning and post-tensioning systems, load balancing, prestress losses,  deflection of prestressed members, analysis for flexure, Magnel's approach to design for flexure, statically indeterminate analysis, design for shear, bond, and anchorage.

Course Modules:

1.    Pre-tensioning systems

2.    Pressure line diagram

3.    Load Balancing and laying out of cable

4.    Loss of Prestress due to Elastic shortening of concrete in Pre-tensioned members and Post-Tensioned members

5.    Loss of Prestress due to Friction(Curvature), Wobbling Coefficient, Anchorage slip for straight tendons, Anchorage slip for curved tendons, Shrinkage of concrete, creep of concrete

6.    Deflections in uncracked members, cracked members

7.    Analysis of flexure in prestressed beam: strain compatibility method and IS 1342-2012 codal provisions

8.    Design for flexure using Magnel's approach

9.    Statically indeterminate analysis in continuous prestressed beams

10    Design for shear and anchorage