Artificial Intelligence in Materials Engineering: Theory and Hands-on Practice

21 Sep 2023   -   25 Sep 2023
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
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21st Century in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is already developed in different sectors, including defense,automotive, aerospace, etc., but for other metallurgical processes and, during it sapplication, is a brand new and low-hangingfruit. Data generation and data collection is the essential or primary intention of all. The five days workshop would provide crucial information on the basics of AI with different algorithms and utilization. Advanced research for postgraduate and doctoral scholars who want to gain or step forwards to the new world, implementing artificial intelligence to solves cientific/technical problems and bring innovation in science and specialized technology. The workshop tutorials/hands-on sessions will cover the basic principle.This is the 1st part of the series workshop where the invention will accumulate the technology, innovation, and application should consist within one umbrella for one interested in exploring the world in this machine learning age.

The five days online workshop will be divided approximately equally theoretical and hands-on exercise on using artificial Intelligence applications in different metallurgical processes.The workshop will cover but is not limited to thefollowing topics

Basic theory and programming introduction using Python and MATLAB

Different Neural Network (ANN, CNN,RNN) theory and case studies

Comparative prediction studies with different algorithms

Artificial Intelligence in Process Metallurgy

Artificial Intelligence in Welding Metallurgy

Artificial Intelligence in Corrosion Metallurgy

Hands-on machine Learning