Artificial Intelligence for Blockchain

18 Dec 2023   -   22 Dec 2023
Computer Science and Engineering
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Artificial Intelligence has the ability to revolutionise numerous areas like healthcare, banking, education, and more. Its significance has grown in the modern world. In numerous industries, the use of AI has already boosted accuracy, decreased prices, and improved efficiency.

Blockchain is a technique for storing data that makes it difficult or impossible for the system to be altered, hacked, or otherwise abused. A distributed ledger known as a blockchain copy disperses transactions among the network of computers involved in the blockchain.

Combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI) can result in clever automated decision-making systems that deliver extremely trustworthy outputs that cause particular real-world consequences based on immutable, tamper-proof data.

Bringing AI into Blockchain brings in numerous opportunities across the industries. This course aims in giving an insight of how AI algorithms can be used along with blockchain technology to address the challenges in various use cases like healthcare, supply chain,  financial services, life sciences, etc.