Hands-On Workshop on Machine Learning: An Industry Academia Initiative

11 Dec 2023   -   15 Dec 2023
Electronics and Communication Engineering
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This Hands-On Workshop on &ldquoMachine Learning: An Industry-Academia Initiative&rdquo brings a unique opportunity for PG/UG students, research scholars, and academicians across various engineering disciplines and mathematics to explore the potential applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) in various industrial sectors and academic research domain. This program will help participants not only to grasp the fundamental theory and recent advancements in machine learning but also their applications through hands-on training. In this era of interdisciplinary research and practice, machine learning concepts are widely used across various engineering domains and in basic science. Therefore, the fundamental knowledge of machine learning and intelligent optimization techniques enables one to think, create, and efficiently use theoretical concepts in solving real-world problems in their respective domains. Henceforth, this is an attempt to get domain experts from reputed industries like MathWorks, Phillips, Hitachi Energy, TATA Steel, NVIDIA, etc., as well as premier institutes of India and abroad, to provide participants a holistic exposure to the emerging trends in the field of AI and ML.