Webinar on Sanskrit as an Interlingua for Tech Advancement of Bharatiya Bhashas

21 Nov 2023
Humanities and Social Sciences
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The peopling of Indian subcontinent is significantly marked by linguistic diversity though all the Bharatiya languages are connected through a genetic landscape. There are 121 major languages in Bharat out of which 22 languages are constitutionally recognized. However, considering the geographical multiplicity of Indian subcontinent, various studies recognize more than 1599 Indian languages including dialects. The overall development of our society is attainable in all the sectors only if we can eradicate the language barrier. Therefore, the soul objective of this webinar is to enable the participants to understand the importance of Sanskrit which can function as an interlingua for providing quality speech to text and text to speech translations in all Bharatiya languages, simultaneously the need of extensive man power for creating e-corpus in Bharatiya Bhashas to attain semantically and syntactically fool proof language models for creating a Large Language Model (LLM) that can't be denied. This is the only way that would lead us to enable the end user to be equipped with technology in their language of convenience in all the sectors of development.