Advanced materials: Materials for catalytic reduction of pollutants and their application as supercapacitors for energy storage

05 Feb 2024   -   09 Feb 2024
Chemical Engineering
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Alternative energy sources, as well as improved technologies and techniques to use natural gas and other derivatives of fossil fuels, must be investigated due to the rising demand for fossil fuels, their diminishing supplies, and the need to safeguard the environment. Since natural gas is the most affordable fossil fuel and has the highest H/C ratio compared to other fossil fuels, natural gas consumption is expected to rise year over year. However, because unburned CH4 has a 27.9 times more significant potential to cause global warming than CO2, it is a more potent greenhouse gas and has attracted the interest of numerous research organizations. CH4 combustion in stoichiometric/excess air leads to CO, CO2, unconverted CH4, and NOx formation due to the presence of N2 in the feed gas, which is also considered one of the greenhouse gases and has a hazardous environmental impact. Thus apart from unconverted CH4, NOx removal from the exhaust also becomes essential.