Prof. Bidyadhar Subudhi has been elected as a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) with effect from November 1st 2019.
NIT Rourkela and Tata Steel Join Hands to Nurture R&D in FRP Composites
Education Leadership Award to Prof.Sunil KumarSarangi,Director,NIT Rourkela by World Education Congr
Prof. P.K. Sarma Best Paper Award to Director,Prof. A. Thirugnanam and Prof. A. Kumar Together
EDU-RAND Award to NIT Rourkela
Odisha Citizen Award 2015 to Director in the Field of Education by OTV
Glory of Education Excellence Award – 2015 to Director
ISES Order of Merit Award 2015 (Young Scientists) presented to Prof. Bhaskar Kundu
Our students Nishanth Nihar and Wasim Sajjad win the Tata Simply Finance Quiz
ABP NEWS National Education Awards 2014 to NIT Rourkela
Outstanding Engineering Institute(East) to NIT Rourkela
National Education Leadership Award to NIT Rourkela
NIT Rourkela’s Road Runner Zooms at SUPRA-SAE 2012