Industrial Design


Industrial Design involves the design and development of industrially produced items. Industrial designers use drawings, models, and computer programmes to design products and processes. Industrial design products include items such as mobile phones, automobiles, household appliances, electronic equipment, furniture, jewelry etc. and products which will be made as one-offs, such as craft products, trophies, or models and full-scale mock-ups. The industrial designers also use their skills to invent completely new products, to do computer modelling and animation, and to propose new ways of doing everyday things. In addition to aesthetic concerns, social references, global interactions and the expectations of the users are taken into consideration.

The challenges of industrial design education can be undertaken by creative and intelligent students who have the ability to solve complex design problems by interpreting the results of research and expressing design ideas through the use of various media. Research areas in the Department are directed towards the creation and development of concepts, designs, and specifications that optimize the value, function, convenience, safety, utility, and appearance of manufactured products and systems. Graduates of this program can work in many sectors of mass production, such as consumer items, electronics, furniture, packaging, automotive industry and jewelry. The electronics industry is one of the main fields which make use of the industrial design services to a large extent. Designers can also give freelance support to various other sectors.


To create the next generation Industrial designers and innovators who can provide innovative design solutions to the complex challenges faced by the industry and society


  • To perform research and to provide contemporary education in the field of industrial design for creating useful and innovative products, systems and related services.
  • To create innovative and thoughtful technologists with sufficient knowledge of art, culture and technology.
  • To provide different sections of the society with creative entrepreneurs and leading industrial designers having a strong technological background with contemporary knowledge of manufacturing.

Head of the Department

Prof. Dibya Prakash Jena

Assistant Professor Grade-I
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  0661-2462857 (Off)

Office Address

Department of Industrial Design
 National Institute of Technology Rourkela
 Rourkela, Odisha - 769008